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Bespoked and customised training solutions for your business

Introduction to our courses

Professional Sales Training Solutions (PSTS Group), provides numerous interactive training workshops which are designed to enhance any professional performance in the sales/service environment. Although we pride ourselves in creating bespoke training solutions for your business, we understand your need to know an outline of what we can offer. Below showcases some of the training solutions we can offer your business. Every training program we create is customised with your goals in mind as we lead your team on their training journey with you.

In our initial consultation we discuss your requirements and expectations so we can tailor the program to your company’s long-term needs or a short-term impact.

The PSTS Group has conducted Training Programs, Workshops, Motivational Days, Conference Days, Sales Coaching, Trainer the Trainer Workshops and Mentoring for Family Businesses through to larger corporations.

In 2020 we will also be introducing our Virtual HR Management System.

Section 1

Course 1

This set of workshops is designed to bring the digital platform and an old fashion touch of customer care together.
They can be tailored to your sales culture to ensure it is the right fit for your business.

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Section 2

Course 2

The customer is the main focus of this set of workshops. We have provided all the necessary skill sets to improve the communication with the customers from all walks of life by tailoring all the aspects to your sales culture.

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