Product and salesmanship

Product and salesmanship

In the world that is becoming reliant on digital media and digital platforms to research products and prices, the new generation have lost the simple art of selling.

Below are 3 sessions specifically designed to ensure when customer comes into your business, your sales team understand how important they are. That they comprehend that every lead is vital, and every lead is valuable.

In most cases a human will want to talk with a human and we put the FUN back into selling which stands for “Fundamentally Understanding Negotiation”. more

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3



“What is an Objection” is it a reaction or a deflection or a fact misunderstood, we break down what an objection is and then we build up the confidence of your team to not only embrace the objection but welcome it? Sometimes the easy sale is the one you worry about the most until the transaction is completed.

This session is tailored to your business and encompasses all the daily objections your team encounters trying to achieve your sales goals. This session is highly adaptive having the sales team working together to find the solutions, has the effect of uniting the team.

We will give your team the skills of truly listening to the objection, understanding the objection and then seeing the underlying nature of the objection which in turn allows your team to overcome it. This session can also be combined with selling 101 or can be applied to more senior sales for a skills workshop in selling. more

Know myself better

Know myself better to better understand my customer

Dealing with different personalities and making the sales process easier. Understanding the personalities and the demographics of the people you encounter every day makes it easier for you to gain a rapport with them, which in turn makes it easier for you to negotiate with different people and personalities.

This session focuses on the do’s and don’ts with the different personalities types that you will encounter on a day to day basis. This will give your team a greater insight into your thinking of your clients with Road to a Sale. This session is fun, high energy with a powerful message that can be universal in its application to all businesses.

This session ends with the participants role playing in being different personalities types which then doubles as a team building experience. This session expands beyond the sales environment and is being used for all staff interacting with the customer.

Our trainers thrive in mentoring teams, driving strategic objectives and transforming nascent ideas into productive and rewarding results. Our training platforms and programs are designed to be tailored to any industry by providing your business with a bespoke training program. more