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Combining over 34 years of experience across diverse industries but encompassing and understanding every changing landscape, we take the lead in innovating, developing and delivering training to satisfy the immediate and future needs of the businesses we work with.

Our focus is in group training, mentoring sales teams and conducting guest speaking roles in conferences. Alsol, we can facilitate most of our courses through webinars and online video conferencing to provide an outstanding individual training experience.

To be effective in this role we apply the theory and principles of adult learning in facilitating the training we specialise in, as well as in change management, personality training, selling skills and self-help workshops.

Our years of experience in collaborating with stakeholders at every level refined our interpersonal and leadership skills, further enabling us to empower and reinvigorate teams in achieving organisational objectives.

Our mission

At PSTS Group, we strongly believe in training with motivation and passion by encouraging and enabling employees to learn from each other, making the training relevant for the individual, giving regular feedback, keeping it interesting, emphasising long-term career prospects and recognising their expertise to give them the best opportunity for enjoyment and creating their self-belief.

Capitalising on our effective communication and active listening skills, we will work cohesively with your business and your senior leadership team to identify the training requirements tailored for the business needs.

Moreover, we play an active role in the regular review process of all training programs while driving reliable exchanges of information in a timely manner to improve decision making and training performance for all the programs we offer.

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