The Generation Game

The Generation Game

In this follow up session we combine understanding personalities with the generational problem of different generations and understanding each other.

This workshop explores the different ways that the generations behave during the buying process. Understanding how different generation like to be sold to, how to handle objections and the different buying techniques applied by them. Whether your sales team is a senior sales team or young sales team both will experience exceptional value in understanding how the different generations work and combined with the personality workshop it will create a dynamic team with great selling skills.

This training is open to other staff members within your business as it provides additional understanding on how to communicate internally as well as externally breaking down the age barriers. more

The team

Customer has his team; we have our Team

This session explores two aspects, the Road to the Sale (your road) and how the modern-day buyer is jumping ahead of that process. We explore this with the use of what is our team and showing the power of the sales team working with the Business Manager.

We explore the new buyer and how they educate themselves well before they enter the face to face selling arena.

The session focus on building a stronger team within the dealership and maximising all departments to create an united front. The session is designed on your culture and is highly adaptive and motivating. Whist this session was built for the automotive industry, this training has crossed industries boundaries and will enhance any selling environment that has customers researching your products online before coming face to face. more

Time Management

Time Management

In a high pace selling environment, one of the biggest challenges is time management. We have designed a very simple but highly effective formula that can be used every day to focus your team and ensure they are making the minutes count. So often we hear that “I don’t have enough time in the day”, the biggest problem is “how do I make time for my customers”.

This session equips your staff with a time management tool that you can monitor and measure. This session also compliments any current sales planning you are conducting as the skill set learnt. It helps your team learn to prioritise and completing tasks in a nominated time frame.

We can expand this session to include this exercise as a team time management training session. It’s a simple method of changing bad habits into practical solutions and helps them understand how to not get lost in a day’s work. Remember time flies when your having fun. more

Change Management

Change management – comfort zone

The change management course is combined with a session called the comfort zone. The initial part of this course focuses on if your team is ready to change.

Understanding if your staff are in a comfort zone allows us to explore why they are there and how they got there and how to change it. This empowers them to face the changes ahead, we then focus on what changes you require.

Before this session, we would consult what your desired outcomes for the session and the challenge you are having with your staff presently. Whilst we have team building exercises within the session it is a highly adaptive free flowing platform. This enables you to measure the ability of your team to embrace change.

The change management session takes this to the next level. This session gives you and your team the skill sets to understand change how to change successfully and understand the reason it was required and how to embrace the change. more

Telephone techniques

Telephone techniques

This workshop focuses on not only techniques over the phone but the important aspect of making a customer happy within a department that deals with customer issues, claims or disputes.

We centre on telephone techniques that enhances empathetic listening, understanding customers perceptions, seeing the real issues and having the customers perception change to understand why with acceptance. It's easy to win the battle or argument and then lose the customer for life.

This training provides the participant the skill set to not only ensure your message is heard but the customer understands. We turn a possible negative situation into a positive application. more

Train the trainer

Train the trainer

This is a bespoke session designed to enhance your internal trainer’s skill set. We work with your trainer, imparting our experience and knowledge drawn from across different industries and different training environments to help them improve their skills.

We do not touch your internal content but work with the process of a better delivery of your content and training. Whilst we don't offer this as a single session, this is offered when we conduct the training programs and platforms.

We provide on-going support to embed the training provided empowering the internal trainer and allowing them to drive the message even further. The hardest aspect of being an internal trainer is the limitations of different training techniques and perceptions.

This added support with the training platform we design for you enables us both to reach our goals together. more